Thank you for playing Gate Ruler!

The 18th WORLD DISCORD CUP will be taking place at the following date and time:

Date: June 22nd, 2024 (Saturday)

(UTC) 4:00PM (United Kingdom) 5:00PM (Europe) 6:00PM (Russia) 7:00PM

(US Pacific) 9:00AM (US Central) 11:00AM (US East) 12:00PM

(Japan) 1:00AM (June 23rd)

Please click on this link for further details and to register.


The link to the discord server where the event will take place is below (if you’ve never joined this discord server before, please be sure to enter it at least once before the tournament starts!):


At least 1 hour before the event begins, participants will be granted access to the World Discord Cup related channels within the English speakers section of the above server. Please try to login at least 10 minutes before the event and say “Here” in the worlddiscordcup-chat channel of the World Discord Cup section to confirm your participation.

The format will be Swiss Draw, 3 to 5 rounds depending on number of players, and each match will be resolved by best of 3 (each match will consist of up to 3 games, until 1 player wins twice or the timer runs out). Please note that if not enough players show up, we may switch to a Round Robin format. This tournament will not have any player elimination, so all players are welcome to play in all rounds regardless of their match results.

Please note that only cards currently available in English are legal. Cards that do not have an English counterpart available are not. (Cards in Set 6, the Gedo Beat starter deck, and the new level 4 cards in the Japanese Special Booster are now all legal!)

Prizes for this tournament are as follows:

1st Place: a promotion card version of Star Dragon Ragnarok marked “WINNER”, a Japanese full art promotion card version of Shou of the Wind Wisp, and a Japanese alternate art promotion card version of Anubis Lookalike.

2nd Place: a promotion card version of Star Dragon Ragnarok marked “WINNER”, a Japanese full art promotion card version of Shou of the Wind Wisp

3rd Place: a promotion card version of Star Dragon Ragnarok marked “WINNER”

-We ask that these top 3 players submit their deck lists.

Random prize, awarded to 2 lucky players among those present at the end of the tournament, excluding the 3 winners above: a full art promotion card version of Black Cat Sith

Please check out the registration link above for more details.

Registration deadline is Saturday, June 22nd, 9:00AM UTC (6:00PM Japan).

第18回WORLD DISCORD CUPは以下の日時で開催されます。
(UTC) 午後 4 時
(イギリス) 午後 5 時
(ヨーロッパ) 午後 6 時
(ロシア) 午後 7 時
(米国太平洋) 午前 9:00 (米国中部) 午前 11:00
(米国東部) 午後 12:00



イベントが開催される Discord サーバーへのリンクは以下のとおりです (これまでにこの Discord サーバーに参加したことがない場合は、トーナメントが始まる前に少なくとも 1 回は必ず入ってください!):


イベント開始の少なくとも 1 時間前に、参加者は上記サーバーの英語話者セクション内の World Discord Cup 関連チャンネルへのアクセスが許可されます。イベントの少なくとも 10 分前にログインし、World Discord Cup セクションの worlddiscordcup-chat チャンネルで「ここ」と言って参加を確認してください。
形式はプレーヤーの数に応じて 3 ~ 5 ラウンドのスイス ドローで、各試合は 3 番勝負で解決されます (各試合は 1 人のプレーヤーが 2 回勝つか、タイマーが切れるまで最大 3 試合で構成されます)。十分なプレイヤーが参加できない場合、ラウンドロビン形式に切り替える場合がありますのでご了承ください。

(セット 6 のカード、外道ビート スターター デッキ、および日本のスペシャル ブースターの新しいレベル 4 カードはすべて合法になりました!)

上記の優勝者 3 名を除く、トーナメント終了時に出席した幸運なプレイヤー 2 名にランダムで授与される賞品: 《黒猫シス》のフルアート プロモーション カード バージョン